When it comes to caring for children we understand that each child’s needs are unique.

That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your child before they even start with us. Everything from nappy changing and toileting, to likes and dislikes, to sleep and meals are discussed during our thorough settling in sessions , and then catered for every day that your child is with us.

Key Person

Most of our Practitioners are based in a specific room and this ensures consistency for not only our children, but parents and carers too. All of our children are given a Key Person. Their Key Person will be responsible for overseeing their time at nursery, ensuring their needs are met and promoting their development. Key Persons are the first point of contact for our children and their families and children feel secure and settle better with a familiar face. Through that familiarity and time together, children become close with their key workers and share lots of special moments as they develop and grow. 


The nursery routine is introduced once children move into our Toddler rooms. This consistently ensures our children feel safe and secure, knowing what to expect from their day. It is important to us that children are confident their needs will be met, supporting their transition from parents into our care. The routine varies slightly from room to room but they all include regular meal times. The routines also include large parts of the day where children are free to play, explore and learn with adults close on hand to support them, this includes accessing both the indoor and outdoor areas.  The rooms also offer regular, varied approaches to group activities depending upon the age of the children.   

Our Baby Rooms work in close partnership with parents and follow the routines of the babies themselves and the wishes of their parents. As they near their first birthday, we begin to introduce elements of life in the Toddler rooms.

Our Toddler Rooms begin to introduce the nursery routine, providing children with a day that is consistent so they feel safe knowing practitioners will support their every need. Our practitioners understand the importance of maintaining this routine which is then carried through to our Junior rooms.

Our Junior Rooms are the progression from Toddlers and the preparation for Pre-school. The routine has all the care elements the children need whilst supporting them to become independent learners and explorers. The Junior rooms also begin to introduce group learning experiences which are furthered in our Pre-school rooms.

Our Pre-school Rooms are all about supporting children in developing those vital school readiness skills.  With the nursery routine continuing in these rooms, children are confident in what to expect from their day alongside enjoying more focused group times.  The rooms focus on prompting key school readiness skills and follow our in depth Pre-school Program. 

Meal Times

All meals are freshly prepared onsite by our cooks. Meal times are, Breakfast from 8:00am to 8:30am, Lunch at 11:00am,  Snack around 1:30pm and Afternoon Tea at 3:00pm.  We offer a variety of healthy meals and cater for all dietary requirements and allergies.

Sleep Time

Growing up is hard work and we understand how important it is for children to rest after a busy morning learning.
In our Baby rooms , children will have a designated cot for the day with their own sleeping bags and comforters.  The times they sleep is dependent upon their individual routines and they are monitored throughout.


For our Toddlers and Juniors , during the afternoon one room will become the designated sleep room. The children sleep on soft, bespoke child-size mattresses, in their own sleeping bags with their own pillowcases. The children are gently soothed to sleep by our carers and monitored throughout.

As children move into our Pre-school rooms we begin to encourage them to move away from their afternoon sleep as part of their school readiness skills.  However, if any of our children still need to sleep we can provide a space for them to do so.  For those children in Juniors and Pre-school who do not sleep there is plenty of activities and things to discover during this time. 


There is nothing more important than knowing your child is safe.  We have numerous facilities, policies and procedures to ensure the safety of all of our children and their families.  

All of our staff are subject to a rigorous recruitment process, including Enhanced DBS/CRB checks and referencing.

Entry in to the building is restricted by 2 security doors and only our staff can permit access.  The purpose built centres operate CCTV in the corridors and outdoor areas and the buildings are surrounded by high quality fencing.

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