Our Curriculum

At ABC Childcare, we are proud of what we offer as part of our curriculum, enabling us to create wonderful opportunities of learning and development for the children consistently throughout the day. We consider the children’s own interests, lifestyle, and backgrounds and utilise every opportunity as a learning tool. From the moment we meet our parents/ carers we start to create a positive relationship which builds trust and communication between our practitioners and our ABC families. By having this relationship with parents and carers, it allows them to participate in providing further knowledge about home experiences, which can be incorporated into the children’s learning. By sharing home life and backgrounds at nursery it not only benefits the child in gaining confidence to be individual but the other children in sharing and learning about why we are all different and unique and how we should celebrate this.  To us here at ABC, when the children are having fun, they are learning. Below are the different activities we offer to support the children in their learning.

We strive to ensure every child receives the best education whilst in our care. We aim to succeed in this by following the areas in the EYFS and creating a rich learning environment, where the children receive a mixture of adult led support and activities, whilst also allowing them to explore and use their independence with a child led approach.

Using our nursery management app, practitioners engage by uploading regular observations and wow moments. Parents/carers are also able to upload parent observations to form part of their child’s learning journey, allow ABC to see what the children have been learning and achieving at home and whilst out and about exploring the world, and allows the children’s learning to be extended to home life.

Every age range and classroom at ABC is fortunate to have their own designated outdoors area. At ABC we are a firm believer that outdoor learning is just as important as the indoors. We have designated area for all children to assess for planting vegetables, fruits and herbs during the year.

Our staff receive regular training to support them in keeping up to date with any EYFS changes and supporting their knowledge in setting up activities for the children, support the children when they need adult guidance and also in identifying when additional support is needed.

Across both our centres we use Makaton and sign language as this is an important part of all our children’s everyday nursery life. We are proud to offer this unique skill with the children to share with their parents on a weekly basis. Our inhouse SENCO’s demonstrate a different sign each week which is shared across our nursey app platform to all parents and staff. Our SENCO and staff will also share this with the children in their rooms allowing children to take this skill home to demonstrate to their parents and invite their parents to join in.

Where children are unable to verbally communicate with others, this offers a skill for them to use and build their confidence and friendships with others. In turn it can reduce the frustrations that children may face who cannot verbally communicate.  We use Makaton in everyday language during nursery songs and basic words throughout the day. We offer Makaton as a form of communication during our special events which children participate in. The children and staff both use this skill, which we continue to develop. If any parents or carers wish to learn more about Makaton, our staff are able to provide this support and our Senco has a pack available for them to take home alongside any video demonstrations. Both centres work alongside external agencies to help support their knowledge.

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