Our Curriculum

At ABC Childcare, we are proud of what we offer as part of our curriculum, enabling us to create wonderful opportunities of learning and development for the children consistently throughout the day. We consider the children’s own interests, lifestyle, and backgrounds and utilise every opportunity as a learning tool. From the moment we meet our parents/ carers we start to create a positive relationship which builds trust and communication between our practitioners and our ABC families. By having this relationship with parents and Carers, it allows them to participate in providing further knowledge about home experiences, which are incorporated into the children’s learning. By sharing home life and backgrounds at nursery this benefits not only the child in gaining confidence to be individual but the other children in sharing and learning about why we are all different and unique and how we should celebrate this.  To us here at ABC, when the children are having fun, they are learning. Below are the different activities we offer to support the children learning.

Professionals / Parent and carers

We have professionals come and visit our centre and talk about their professions, giving  demonstrations about what they do at work. An example of this is, we had the air ambulance attend Codsall and children were able to look around the ambulance. At our Wolverhampton centre we had a fire women come in to show the uniform they wear and how it all works.

We support the children’s learning further by the children taking part in different activities to enhance their knowledge and understanding. We invite parents/carers to come along and read stories in English and different languages. This wonderful, unique experience supports our parent partnerships.

At various points of the year we invite parents to come into the centre to talk to the children about various subject. These subjects range from, cultures, eating styles, professionals, languages spoken at home and many more exciting experiences. We are proud to have such great relationships with our parents and are happy that we are able to offer these unique opportunities and expose children to experiences they may not have access or participated in outside of our big ABC family.

Community Events & local news

We are a part of local facebook groups and forums working alongside local authorise to allow us to keep UpToDate with local events and knowledge, to participate where possible and include this in the children’s learning.  We inform our children on latest news that is relevant to them to help broaden their knowledge about the world around them and what is happening. An example of this is our Codsall children enjoying making their own scarecrows and each age group designed and created their own master pieces which was part of a display outside and everyone could see and find other scarecrows that residents had made, around the village. Our Wolverhampton children took part in the local church nativity walk last Christmas. The walk started at ABC Childcare and the children created a lovely display with scenes from the bible outside the front door, leading to the local Church. Our local priest came in to see the staff and children and offered the staff any support if needed.

Festivals and Events

From the moment we meet a parent/carer we love finding out as much information about their background, lifestyle culture and religions. We want every child and parent to feel comfortable in our setting and feel celebrated. We do this by ensuring we incorporate these celebrations into our curriculum. Our in house ENCO communicates and organises any upcoming events and celebrations  across the centre. This support’s our staff with teaching the children and identifying learning opportunities with them. We teach the children interesting facts about these events and celebrations to enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding about other people’s beliefs, cultures and backgrounds. We feel very strongly about including parents/cares and grandparents in celebrating with their families, which is why we invite them into the centre to celebrate with us, this may include reading stories, singing songs, using musical instruments or sharing family traditions. We are proud to be an inclusive setting. 


Wishes and Feelings

We do a lot of work around our children’s well being and feelings. We do this as part of small groups during circle time or individuals depending on the situation. We have a variety of fun and engaging activities, as well as promoting rules and boundaries, a wide selection of books and a calming environment. We have strong bonds with our parents to help support them with any changes our children may go through to ensure that our children gain self- confidence and resilience. Wellbeing is an important topic and this is just as important for our staff members. We offer support in various ways and we love to celebrate our staffs hard work and dedication. We are an ABC Family, including parents/carers if they also need support. 

Experiments and explore

By allowing children to explore we are opening up a new world to them. The children here at ABC love exploring in a range of different ways, from science experiences to exploring different types of food in a variety of ways, using their imaginations whilst exploring the outside areas to growing things in the planting area. By exploring it allows us to covers all areas of the EYFS encouraging our children to enjoy multiple new and challenging experiences where they explore all their senses such as, smell, touch, taste. These experiences support our children’s knowledge, understanding, independence and vocabulary. The children across both centres will experience all these activities in their base room and outdoors area. Our Codsall centre also have a separate room called ‘The little explorers room’ which host’s daily activities allowing the children to explore different environments whilst participating in these activities.

Seasons and Weather   

We use the seasons and weather as part of learning and development. We explore, investigate, communicate and use our senses. We love having the children involved with fun engaging activities and experience in all weather types. Where possible we take the children out into the local community to explore the area further. The outdoors is an interchangeable area which offers wonderful unique experiences every day for the children to learn and explore. We love to bring the outdoor learning inside, and visa versa. Here at ABC we like to use the motto ‘ there is no such thing as inappropriate weather , just inappropriate clothing’. You will find the children splashing in puddles, catching snowflakes, dancing in the rain and flying kites.

Environment and Carbon Footprint

We are proud at both of our centres to hold a Level 2 gardening award and currently working towards completing a Level 3. We achieved these awards by working with our children completing projects in the garden. These projects opened up conversation topics about how to reduce our carbon footprint and how to care for our environment at the centre as well as in the community. Both our children and staff show a passion about the outdoor environments. Both centres have allotments within the grounds of the main garden areas. They also have room to grow herbs, fruit and vegetables and flowers within their own play areas.  

Makaton and Sign Language

Makaton and sign language are an important part of all our children’s everyday nursery life. We are proud to offer this unique skill with the children to share with their parents on a weekly basis. Our inhouse SENCO’s demonstrate a different sign each week which is shared across our nursey app platform to all parents and staff. Our SENCO and staff will also share this with the children in their rooms allowing children to take this skill home to demonstrate to their parents and invite their parents to join in.

Where children are unable to verbally communicate with others, this offers a skill for them to use and build their confidence and friendships with others. In turn it can reduce the frustrations that children may face who cannot verbally communicate.  We use Makaton in everyday language during nursery songs and basic words throughout the day. We offer Makaton as a form of communication during our special events which children participate in. The children and staff both use this skill, which we continue to develop. If any parents or carers wish to learn more about Makaton, our staff are able to provide this support and our Senco has a pack available for them to take home alongside any video demonstrations. Both centres work alongside external agencies to help support their knowledge.

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene is a part of our curriculum supporting the children’s knowledge and discussing experiences. As a part of the child’s settling in session and enrolment process we discuss with parents oral hygiene, asking them to identify if their child is enrolled with a dentist. Part of our everyday routine we offer a variety of fun and exciting activities and have resources that help support the children’s learning and knowledge around Oral Hygiene why it is important. The children have created different interactive displays in their rooms all about Oral Hygiene.

We are proud to work alongside local dental practices and we have  dentist’s visit our setting to talk with the children about the importance of brushing their teeth and eating foods that are healthy.  In our most recent visit from a local dentist they provided packs for the children to take, supporting parents with information to help and use at home.

Healthy Eating

We provide nutritious healthy meals throughout the day, with freshly baked onsite snacks and afternoon tea. We provide opportunities for the children to grow their own fruit and vegetables and make their own meals and eat the finished product. We teach the children about healthy foods and encourage to eat together at mealtimes which is a great opportunity to open discussions, talk about the different foods and support socialising. The children independently make choices and help to lay out the tables and tidy away after themselves.


To support the children with a calming and interchangeable environment we offer the children sensory resources such as light-up cubes, light-up tables, a variety of materials and textures, blocks and problem-solving activities. Resources are available for the children to use and explore the different textures and sounds, to create unique and exciting experiences. Our Codsall Centre has a wonderful Sensory room which encourages our children to explore all their senses. Our Wolverhampton centre have various resources available across the centre for the children to use in all rooms. We also use the outdoors to explore different textures and sounds using natural resources.

Music and Movement

A lot of children express themselves through movement and music. We let the children explore and investigate lots of different sounds in a variety of ways. The children have a wide choice of musical instruments and music from all different cultures, languages. We use different styles of music depending on children’s needs. Some music may be up beat to get them moving, some music may be relaxing for when they want quieter times. We use music for different events we are celebrating in nursery, which we use to help promote and develop the children’s learning and understanding of different cultures.

Let’s get physical  

To support the children with their physical and mental wellbeing alongside their imaginations, we offer the children exciting environments. These environments challenge and allow them to take risks to enhance confident and physical movements. We offer different sessions in the children’s base rooms such as Yoga, ‘keep fit’ and many more, which are included in their daily routines. These activities open up conversations with our children, allowing them to use their imagination and learn about how their body changes through these activities and the importance of keeping active.

Our Codsall centre has a dedicated room for the children to be able to explore and use their physical skills to climb, jump, roll around and turn upside down in a safe and stimulating room. The equipment in the physical room is interchangeable to adapt to various activities, including ‘Keep Fit’ sessions, obstacle courses and yoga.

First Aid

Our children learn basic first aid skills through role play and activities, such as using bandages on themselves and others, or using dolls as role play. We use everyday opportunities to talk about what we do in situations and teach the children the importance of wearing appropriate clothing in all weathers and why. All staff are first aid trained to ensure they have knowledge to support them if ever needed.


Each of our rooms have wonderful collections of books to read with our children, as well a Library area where the children can visit and choose different books. We have a wide range of books, some in different languages, informative books, sound books, feelings book the list goes on…

Letters and Sounds/Phonics 

Phonics is a method that is used to teach our children to read the sounds in words. It helps them to start to read fluently and skilfully and is an essential part of their early education to allow them to become school ready.  Letters and Sounds is a systematic approach for teaching children to read using phonics.  It is split into six phases, from starting to learn about sounds at nursery to becoming fluent readers at school.

Traditionally, children were taught letter names like  ay bee sea  from the start. However, letter names don’t always represent their pronunciation – examples include  double u  or  em  – and this might confuse children when they try to pronounce words made up of these letters.

The phonic approach encourages us to directly link letters (graphemes) to sounds (phonemes), and to teach children pure sounds like  ah b k  when encountering the alphabet. So, children learn how to put sounds represented by letters or letter groups (like  ch  or  igh ) together to read words in a more straightforward way.

Wriggle Write

Research shows that children will develop confident writing skills when key muscles and movements are supported from an early age. Here at ABC, we encourage the children with many dance based programmes that support the development of children's muscles. This programme is designed to support children's fine (fingers and wrists) and gross (arms and shoulders) motor movements.

Our Pre-school children always look forward to Wriggle Write sessions where they can dance whilst squishing, pulling and poking playdough and wave ribboned "wiggle wands" side to side and up and down. Our children also have the opportunity to dance with mark makers, such as crayons and chalk to illustrate their dance movements on a big piece of paper on the wall. All of these actions are refined as the programme progresses and as the children gain more control over their muscles and movements.


Counting, quantities and numbers can be tricky to learn. To help our children with their number skills, we have invested in 'Numicon'. It is a multi-sensory approach to teaching maths, developed by experts in the classroom.

Numicon are a set of shapes from 1 to 10 that provide a consistent representation of number for children to work and play with. During 'Free play' the children can use the shapes anywhere in the environment like in the sandpits, whilst they paint or in their water play. This free and easy access to the Numicon shapes readily invites conversations around number into the children's play. We also use the shapes and accessories for adult led group activities. Practitioners will use the shapes to support the children's learning in number skills such as counting.

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