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In 2013 we moved from our very first centre in Bilbrook, to our new purpose built centre in Codsall, less than half a mile away.

Codsall can cater for up to 170 children each day. When Codsall was built it was carefully designed to ensure that we maintained the warmth and community bond that we had built during the previous 9 years. All of our Bilbrook families moved with us and we now care for many of their younger siblings.

The new centre has a range of modern facilities including bespoke children’s toliets for each age group, a full kitchen where fresh meals are prepared daily and separate milk kitchens for bottle preparation and storage.  

It has eleven carefully designed classrooms, each specifically designed for the age and development of the children in it. Our resources include tummy time mirrors, cosy dens, model kitchens, ball pits, toddle boxes, computers and so much more.

The outdoor spaces are also bespoke for each age group and every room has easy access to a soft surface outdoor area. The playgrounds are filled with everything children need to play and explore including large sandboxes, water play stations, spaces to read and draw, as well as a variety of bikes and trikes.

Beyond the soft surface area is a large, secure and privately maintained, grassed area. We have raised vegetable beds where our children grow their own fruit, herbs and seasonal vegetables. The large, outdoor classroom offers our children another outdoor environment to enjoy whilst sheltered from the elements.

The Sensory Room, The Physical Room and Little Explorers 

Our Codsall Centre are very lucky to have 3 dedicated rooms to further support the children’s learning and development. Codsall have a Sensory room, a little explores room and a physical room.

Our sensory room is designed to support children by providing a flexible environment that stimulates their senses. The room is filled with soft play pieces, lights and sounds which can be altered to suit the needs of the children using it.  Young children learn primarily through their senses, so a room filled with different sights, sounds and textures is always full of discovery.  The room can also benefit our older children and in particular those with additional needs.  The room can be set to create a relaxing atmosphere which can soothe children and allow them to feel comfortable in a calm space, or provide a little bit of excitement with big sounds and lots of lights.

Our Little Explorers Room is designed to support children by providing an additional designated area to explore food and role play. The room is an exciting c area where our children can participate in lots of fun science experiences and explore different types of food in a variety of ways. The children are encouraged to enjoy multiple new and challenging experiences where they explore all their senses such as, smell, touch, taste. These experiences support our children’s knowledge, understanding, independence, and vocabulary. This also supports our passion at ABC for cooking and baking, where parents and carers are invited into the centre to celebrate and share different cooking and baking techniques from different cultures.  

Our physical room has been set up to support children with their gross and fine motor skills. This area allows children to climb, jump, roll around and turn upside down in a safe and stimulating environment. The equipment in this room is interchangeable to adapt to various activities, including ‘Keep Fit’ sessions, obstacle courses, and yoga. Our children are able to use their imagination in setting their own games and learn about how their body changes through these activities and the importance of keeping active. This room also creates the perfect environment in adapting the room to support any children who receive external physio sessions

Centre Manager, Deputy Manager and Office Administrator

On the left we have Shereen, our Deputy Manager, the Middle we have Sue, our Centre Manager and on the right Kirsty, our Office Administrator.

Sue joined ABC in 2021 with over 10 years’ experience in childcare & management. Sue has always had a passion for working with children in Early Years. She loves to see children learning and developing, watching as they progress and grow into happy confident independent children. Sue believes “Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together make this world a beautiful garden”. 

Shereen joined ABC in 2013. Shereen loves working with children as it gives her the opportunity to support children's development and learning. She really enjoys being able to watch as children grow and flourish under her care.

Kirsty joined us in 2010. Kirsty was initially employed as a childcare practitioner based in the rooms and was then promoted to Deputy Manager. In 2021 Kirsty returned after maternity leave in the role of Office Administrator to support the smooth running of the office and day to day tasks, including supporting new parents and children in joining our ABC Family. 

Centre Co-ordinators

From left we have Gharvy our Preschool Co-ordinator, in the middle we have Marcia our Baby and Toddler Co-ordinator and on the right Davinia our Juniors Co-ordinator.  

Marcia has a passion for the younger children, supporting their needs and creating a foundation to start their education with ABC. Marcia enjoys doing activities such as messy play with the children and seeing them get messy as they explore with their senses whilst learning and having fun.

Davinia enjoys building relationships with the children and their families. Each child is unique and Davinia loves being a vital part of their learning and development.

Gharvy loves watching the children grow and develop, getting messy with arts and crafts and celebrating different events throughout the year. Gharvy loves the preschool age range as they are fantastic children to work with as they are full of curiosity and surprises.

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