Care and Education

Dedicated to the best quality care and education.

There is nothing more important than knowing your child is safe and happy, this all comes down to ensuring they are being cared for and supported in the best possible way. We understand that every child is unique and will need bespoke care and education. Our team is dedicated to ensuring we provide the best quality care and education for your child. Our polices, procedures, practitioners and practices ensure that every child has the provisions and support they need to achieve their full potential and feel safe and secure whilst in our care.

We are continually looking at how we care for and educate children and ways that we can improve our service. Our care practices are based around ensuring we know everything we need to about each child and working with parents and carers to ensure not only is your child safe and happy, but you are confident when entrusting them to us.

Our Early years Support Team

Unlike most nurseries, we have a dedicated in-house Early Years Support Team.

The Early Years Support Team ensure ABC are giving our children the best education available via in-depth industry knowledge and experience and thorough research. They provide regular in-house training and support, they research and implement educational programs and consistently ensure best practice by direct observations and communication with Practitioners, Team Leaders, Parents and Management.


Additional Support Officer - Anna

Anna has a Level 3 in Childcare and Education as well as qualifications in Speech and Language Development, Special Education Needs and Disabilities and Behavioural Support. Anna has been working with children since 2010 and has been with ABC since 2015. Anna coordinates and oversees the roles of our Special Education Needs Coordinators, Equality & Diversity Coordinators and Behaviour Coordinators. 
She works directly with children who require any form of additional support from detailed special educational needs and disabilities to those in need of behavioural guidance.  Anna is always coming up with creative and unique ways to support the children she works with - from building post boxes to teaching practitioners new languages.

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